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Child/Play Therapy

Sometimes children, like adults, can benefit from therapy. Therapy can help children develop problem-solving skills and also teach them the value of seeking help. Therapists can help children and families cope with stress and a variety of emotional and behavioral issues.

Many children need help dealing with school stress, such as homework, test anxiety, bullying, or peer pressure. Others need help to discuss their feelings about family issues, particularly if there's a major transition, such as a divorce, move, or serious illness.

Significant life events — such as the death of a family member, friend, or pet; divorce or a move; abuse; trauma; a parent leaving on military deployment; or a major illness in the family — can cause stress that might lead to problems with behavior, mood, sleep, appetite, and academic or social functioning.

In some cases, it's not as clear what's caused a child to suddenly seem withdrawn, worried, stress, sulky, or tearful. But if you feel your child might have an emotional or behavioral problem or needs help coping with a difficult life event, trust your instincts.

At Oceanside Family Therapy & Assessments, we have a specialized play therapy room for our clients aged 12 and under.  This play therapy room is equipped with art therapy materials in addition to specialized play therapy toys, board games and books, in a fun, inviting and age appropriate environment. We are trained to work with all ages of children and babies. PAPT (Pet Assisted Play Therapy) is also available when requested.

Common Treatment Issues with Children and Adolescents
Academic Problems
Adjustment Issues (relocation/separation, etc.)
Adoption Adjustment
Aggression (biting/kicking/hitting)
Anxiety or Excessive Worry
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Behavior Problems
Body Image Issues
Custody Adjustment/Evaluation
Developmental Delay (speech/language/ toilet training)
Divorce of Parents
Drug Use
Eating Disorders
Identity Issues
Infant Mental Health
Military Deployment
Mood Swings (happy one minute, upset the next)
Physical Complaints (such as headache, stomachache, or not feeling well)
Refugee/Acculturation (moving)
Sexual Orientation (adolescents)
Sibling Issues/Conflict
Sleep Difficulties (insomnia, bed-wetting, nightmares)
Social Problems or Withdrawal
Step Family Adjustments
Trauma (an accident/fire/assault/hurricane, etc)
Victims of Abuse/Crime*

Methods of treatment for children may include

Yoga Therapy / Mindfulness

Nicole Story, Ed.S, M.Ed, is dually licensed in
Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling and is a clinical member of the Florida Assoc. for Infant Mental Health; the Theraplay Institute; and the APA (American Psychological Association).

Originally from Ireland, she offers a culturally sensitive approach to therapy with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds in a supportive, secure, non-judgmental environment.

She is the past Clinical Director of an adolescent inpatient program, child therapist with the Child Guidance Center and served the Beaches Resource Center and Hope Haven Child & Family Clinic for over 7 years.

She is often quoted by the media and interviewed as an expert on child, parenting and family therapy issues and provides licensure supervision for the Youth Crisis Center.

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