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Oceanside Family Therapy & Assessments is located in beautiful Jacksonville Beach, Florida, just 2 blocks to the ocean.

We are currently offering child, teen and adult Teletherapy via a confidential virtual waiting room/office and in person Walk and Talk Therapy on location in a beautiful setting near the office or in Jacksonville.

We also accept attorney referred cases for immigration psychosocial evaluations for USCIS and Immigration Court. As immigration attorneys can practice nationwide, many of our referrals come from nationally known attorneys in California, New York, Atlanta and in Florida from Jacksonville to Miami.​

Due to high demand we are full at this time, 

to join our waiting list please email with details on what modality you are looking for or fill out the request form on the New Client Appointment page.

Attorney Referrals are accepted and processed to meet any legal deadlines.

Nicole Story, EDS, MED, LMFT, LMHC, NCC, QS-FL - Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, has been treating and evaluating children and adults for over 20 years.


An expert in the field, speaker and trainer she has been seen on the local news, in local publications, spoken at various CEU and university training events, served as the President of the Marriage & Family Therapy Association of NE Florida, as the Ethics Chair of the board of the AAMFT Florida Chapter, and taught on the faculty at Santa Fe College. She also served as the Clinical Director of an outpatient and residential dual diagnosis facility and adolescent detox, and as the President of the Beaches Resource Center Foundation (providing mental health services through Full Service Schools at the Beaches).


She has been providing forensic evaluations and serving as an expert witness in federal courts for 20 years and is an Affiliate Member of the Jacksonville Beaches Bar Association as an Expert Witness and served on the Guardian ad Litem 4th Judicial Circuit Foundation Board. She has been a Humana Military/Tricare provider for 15 years, Veterans Administration provider and is also a contractor with the Defense Logistics Agency/US federal government and US Navy.


This practice no longer accepts health insurance (see below).


Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, Oceanside Family Therapy

& Assessments 

"I am Nicole Story, EDS, MED, LMFT, LMHC, NCC, QS-FL - licensed in both Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, I have over 20 years of experience working with individuals, couples, therapists, parents, teens, children and infants. 


Born and raised in the UK/Ireland and having lived with my family in Jacksonville Beach for 20 years, I work with clients from all walks of life including active military, veterans, physicians, attorneys, clinicians, the dually diagnosed and immigrants from virtually all countries.


I served as the Clinical Director of an intensive 30 bed adolescent inpatient program and a 14 bed detox; directed 7 concurrent adolescent outpatient programs; and served as an Adjunct Professor at Santa Fe College, Gainesville. I speak at continuing education workshops and university campuses on clinical, relational, trauma and children's mental health topics.


Nicole Story, EDS, MED, LMFT, LMHC, QS-FL

Psychotherapist & Clinical Director

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Qualified Clinical Supervisor, MFT, MHC

National Board-Certified Counselor​

In Person Jacksonville Beach & Telehealth Statewide

With master's and post master's degrees (equivalent to a Doctorate of Psychology/Psy.D) from the University of Florida, I also provide clinical supervision and training for therapists and clinical supervisors in numerous local agencies which have included: the Youth Crisis Center; Camelot Community Care; Family Foundations; Daniel Kids; Gateway; River Region; Breakthroughs; Department of Juvenile Justice; the United States Navy/Naval Hospital Jacksonville; the Veterans Administration Jacksonville; and numerous private practitioners.

I am a Florida Department of Health Qualified Clinical Supervisor for Mental Health and Family Therapy masters and doctorate level registered interns and train therapists on how to evaluate and treat, children, adults and families, including those seeking dual licenses. I am also a National Certified Counselor with the National Board for Certified Counselors since 2001.

An expert in the field, having served on the board of the Florida Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (FAMFT) as the Ethics Co-Chair and as President of the NEFAMFT, I stay up to date with the latest research in neuroscience, humanistic, mindfulness and attachment theories that focus on evidence based measures to enhance coping strategies that improve emotional regulation and general functioning while reducing the need for psychotropic medication.

I offer over 20 years of specialized training, education and experience in child and adult psychotherapy; clinical assessment; administering, scoring, and interpreting psychometric evaluations; and providing court testimony.

Providing forensic evaluations and serving as an expert witness in federal courts for 20 years, I am an affiliate member of the Jacksonville Beaches Bar Association as an Expert Witness and served on the Guardian ad Litem 4th Judicial Circuit Foundation Board. A Humana Military/Tricare provider for 15 years, Veterans Administration Jax provider and a contractor with the Defense Logistics Agency/US federal government and US Navy.

Trained in psychodynamic and inter-relational systemic models of therapy, I provide a humanistic and culturally informed environment. Also offering comprehensive mental health evaluations, extreme hardship, asylum, U visa, detention and immigration evaluations for USCIS and Immigration Courts, for immigration attorney referred cases nationwide.

With a degree in cultural psychology and vast international experience, we attract clients from all over the world and many of our assessments are offered in English and Spanish languages.

Serving a limited number of clients ensures that you will get the individualized, personal attention that you deserve. 

The beautiful beach office, 3 blocks to the ocean, offers a casual, relaxed and personalized environment designed for your ease, convenience and confidentiality.

If cost is a factor, please ask about one of our interns who may be able to assist you.

Shared waiting room and staff with Story Griffin, Attorneys at Law.

Optional ocean air outside area is also available. 

We have proudly supported America's armed forces and have provided services to the local military community for over 15 years as a certified in-network TRICARE provider (standard and prime)/Humana Military and as a contracted Veterans' Affairs provider - however due to changes in contracts on Humana Military's end in 2016, we regrettably can no longer process this insurance, nor do we accept their in-network decreased rates. 

However, we are a certified TRICARE provider for Florida, should clients choose to file an out-of-network claim themselves, and manage the claims directly.  

Accepting cash, check, bank transfer and convenience apps including Paypal/Venmo and Zelle for credit cards, due when services are rendered.  


Virtual business card - click on it to download to your smartphone or photos files.

Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm

Notes to excuse students from school are provided.

In order to provide the best level of care, this practice no longer accepts health insurance contracts. Therefore, you have total confidentiality, and with your therapist can personally determine the type, length, and content of your treatment. You are not required to have a medical diagnosis for your record (insurance panels require a billable psychiatric diagnosis on all patients even children and couple's therapy even in the very first session). This is especially important with certain sensitive careers that we serve at this practice, including; mental health professionals, physicians, surgeons, attorneys, pharmacists, politicians, pilots, active military, police force, children, and adolescents, etc.

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