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Immigration & Extreme Hardship Psychosocial Evaluations and Reports

Nicole Story EDS MED LMFT LMHC, Psychotherapist and Clinical Director, is originally from Belfast, N. Ireland/United Kingdom and is a naturalized American dual citizen married to a Florida attorney, well versed in numerous immigration issues.

With graduate degrees from the University of Florida, an undergraduate degree in cultural psychology from Rollins College and 20 years of expertise she also speaks French, German, basic Spanish, Scottish, Ulster and Irish dialects.

Immigration Psychosocial Evaluations are very complex. The intake forms alone are around 20 pages long, there is extensive testing and evaluation, and the final clinical psychosocial reports range from an average of 7 - 20 pages depending on the complexity of the patient/family.

They are prepared to be scrutinized by agents of the federal government and opposing counsel in Immigration Court and/or USCIS.

They also involve hours of information gathering, clinical interviews, biopsychosocial data, medical file reviews and complex mental health assessments, scoring and explanation.

It takes years of specific post graduate education, expertise and clinical training and for the examiner to be admitted in Federal Court as an Expert Witness. A background of over 20 years in cultural psychology, languages, trauma, cultural adjustment, child assessments, and family systems psychosocial evaluations and treatment are also vital components of our specific expertise.

Ultimately, immigration psychosocial evaluations and reports take several consecutive days (when expedited by cancelling everything else in the clinician's schedule) to a few weeks to complete. In order to be affordable they are offered at a much reduced set rate instead of an hourly rate.

See sliding scale fees table for details or income based reduced rates.

*Reports are not started until full payment is received and take 2-3 weeks to complete after payment is received, unless an expedite fee is added.

Sliding Scale


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Nicole Story, EDS, MED, has been interviewed by numerous news channels, magazines and publications including:

Clinical Background

& Credentials


USCIS and Immigration Court, like any court, often will not accept psychosocial assessments over 12 months old (in some cases 6 months old). Check with your attorney and schedule an update to your assessments and report if you are still in immigration proceedings and your report may have expired in validity/is no longer considered to be current.

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