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Therapist Clinical Supervision & Training

"Providing supervision to licensed clinical therapists and clinical supervisors. Also supervising and training Doctoral and Masters level registered interns for their clinical internships while registered with the board to work towards their own clinical licenses to practice psychotherapy independently. Overseeing all aspects of the registered intern’s work, even when the intern is employed in a non-profit agency, military hospital or private practice.


I have supervised dozens of interns, licensed clinicians and clinical supervisors of large non-profit agencies, child therapy agencies, Naval Hospital, and private practitioners, utilizing individual, small and large group modalities, in person and via Telehealth. I train therapists in specific modalities, educate interns on legal and ethical parameters, teach interns specifics for the license exams.


Education and training includes: clinical strategies; specific modalities; ethical boundaries; legal requirements; clinical documentation; duty to warn; mandated reporting; experiential strategies; systemic therapy; play therapy; psychodynamic theory; family therapy; child and adolescent therapy; school-based therapy; couples therapy; psychosocial assessments; psychiatric/DSM 5 & ICD 10 diagnosing; hypothesizing; designing, planning and conducting treatment; treatment review; managing crisis situations; multicultural sensitivity; gender identity sensitivity; and maintaining ethical, legal, and professional standards, etc."