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Therapist Clinical Supervision & Training

"Providing supervision to licensed clinical therapists and clinical supervisors. Also supervising and training Doctoral and Masters level registered interns for their clinical internships while registered with the board to work towards their own clinical licenses to practice psychotherapy independently. Overseeing all aspects of the registered intern’s work, even when the intern is employed in a non-profit agency, military hospital or private practice.


I have supervised scores of interns, licensed clinicians and clinical supervisors of large non-profit agencies, child therapy agencies, Naval Hospital, and private practitioners, utilizing individual, small and large group modalities, in person and via Telehealth. I train therapists in specific modalities, educate interns on legal and ethical parameters, teach interns specifics for the license exams.


Education and training includes: clinical strategies; specific modalities; ethical boundaries; legal requirements; clinical documentation; duty to warn; mandated reporting; experiential strategies; systemic therapy; play therapy; psychodynamic theory; family therapy; child and adolescent therapy; school-based therapy; couples therapy; psychosocial assessments; psychiatric/DSM 5 & ICD 10 diagnosing; hypothesizing; designing, planning and conducting treatment; treatment review; managing crisis situations; multicultural sensitivity; gender identity sensitivity; and maintaining ethical, legal, and professional standards, etc."

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How much does supervision  cost?

No extra cost to combine MFT and MHC supervision in order to obtain both licences at once.

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Interns are often concerned how much supervision will cost, when it is not included at their site of employment. However, even when supervision is included by your employer, it can be best practice to have independent supervision also.

In fact, many interns have specifically needed assistance navigating a legal or ethical issue, around their place of employment, as per State of Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Chapter 491 guidelines.

My general hourly rate is $250-$300/hour, however for an hour of individual supervision I only charge contracted interns $125. If you split your individual session with another intern, it is only $85/hour. Group, which is available twice per month is only $65/90 mins (1.5 hours) session.

Therefore, if you do 2 individual and 2 group supervision sessions per month, that would average to $76/hour per month.  If you split your individual session with another intern then that would average only $60/hour of supervision.

Dual License Registration & Supervision

Did you graduate from a program like UF or JU with courses both mental health counseling and marriage and family therapy?


Ask me about the benefits of getting your LMHC and LMFT licenses at the same time. There are no additional supervision fees to count your supervision hours with me towards both licenses.

There is no charge to consult (via phone or video conference) about contracting for clinical supervision at this practice.

Due to post pandemic Florida statutes, supervision is currently offered via Telesupervision on a face to face platform. In-person supervision is offered at our beach office and certain contracted agencies. This is subject to change.

When selecting a clinical supervisor it is important for an intern to consider what s/he would like to be qualified to do once licensed. 

AAMFT and ACA ethics limit the practice of psychotherapists to within their areas of expertise and training. It is considered unethical to practice couple, child or other populations of therapy or assessments of such without adequate training and supervision under someone qualified in those areas.

For example, assessments, child trauma, family systems, pet assisted therapy, immigration evaluations, ADHD assessments, ASD, adult trauma, forensic, interpersonal neuroscience, Gottman, etc. 

Therefore, it is an investment in clinical practice to train under a supervisor experienced in areas of practice in which you wish to practice.

Training Supervision denotes the process of supervision with early stage therapists. Training supervision is typically what one thinks of when defining supervision, as all individuals in training receive supervision. However, more advanced therapists regularly seek out supervision as well.


Consultative Supervision is another option that a supervisor may extend their work. Specifically, in this regard, consultative supervision refers to the process of a more experienced, and often independently licensed professional, seeking consultation from a seasoned and expert practitioner to provide feedback to the professional in specific clinical applications (Morrissey, 2015).


Supervisors often receive consultation on their clinical practice and supervision from peers and more experienced practitioners. Consultation can also be used when solidifying a new skillset after they have received training and supervision for that new skillset. As a consultant, I can provide alternative case conceptualizations, help consider ethical considerations, and guide the therapist or supervisor to new readings and trainings that might be helpful.

Imposter syndrome and graduating without a strong sense of clinical skills is very common in early supervision.

A highly experienced supervisor along with split and/or group supervision with peers can hone clinical skills


and improve confience and competency rather quickly. 

Therefore, when licensed, it is also encouraged that a therapist continue to train and obtain supervision in any areas that he or she may desire to branch into. At Oceanside Family Therapy & Assessments we offer experience and training in infant mental health, child therapy (including play therapy, theraplay and PAPT/Pet Assisted Play Therapy) adolescent therapy, couple and family therapy (including Gottman, EFT, Neuroscience, Attachment, etc.) and assessments for children and adults. Nicole Story is also experienced in cultural issues (and speaks basic French, German, Spanish and Irish Dialects), immigration evaluations, various court related matters and has served as Ethics Chair on the board of FAMFT and President of NEFAMFT.


Regardless of how seasoned a therapist is