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Teletherapy &

Walk & Talk Therapy

For Adults

At Oceanside Family Therapy we offer a supportive, non-judgmental approach - enhancing personal strengths, decreasing maladaptive patterns and empowering a greater sense of well-being and balance in your life and your relationships.

Using a skillfully honed balance of insight oriented, emotionally focused, brain science and inter-relational approaches, we strengthen relationships, enhance emotional regulation and stress reducing coping strategies to increase equanimity and joy in daily living.

Our sessions are flexible to met your needs, ranging from one time to weekly appointments. 

We understand that life circumstances and stressors are often changing. Therefore, we accommodate regularly scheduled and as needed sessions.

Nicole Story, Ed.S, M.Ed is a dually licensed psychotherapist in

Marriage & Family Therapy and

Mental Health Counseling.

"Originally from Ireland, I offer a culturally sensitive approach to therapy with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds in a supportive, secure, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment."

Common Treatment Issues with Adults







Bipolar Disorder

Career Counseling

Cultural Adjustment



Eating Disorders*

Guardianship Evaluation

Grief & Loss


Intimacy Issues

Family Problems

Financial Stress

Mental Illness

Military Deployment

Panic Attacks


Pregnancy Issues

Postpartum Depression

Premarital Counseling


Relationship Issues



Victims of Abuse/Crime* 

Currently offering online Teletherapy and limited in person Walk and Talk Therapy sessions.

We no longer accept insurance at this practice, offering you more confidentiality, more flexibility in deciding type, length and content of your treatment, and you are not required to have a psychiatric diagnosis or insurance panel review of each session's progress notes, etc., as required with insurance, to prove that therapy is medically warranted by health insurance.


This is especially important with certain sensitive careers that we serve at this practice, including: mental health professionals, physicians, attorneys, pharmacists, politicians, pilots, active military, and children, etc.

It is a great benefit for you to approach this as a valuable, confidential service for you and your family. We offer cash rate sliding scale fees starting at $100 for 45/50 min session for those eligible. 

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