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Articles & Publications

An expert in the field, Oceanside Family Therapy is often interviewed and quoted by the local media.

First Coast News - Channel 12

April 28th, 2014 - 6pm and 11pm News Interview on parent who pushed his 6 year old down a 13 ft skate ramp who is under DCF investigation.

Interview with myself on the national "Affluenza" case and

parenting issues wit nature vs nurture.

Interview on "Why do Hit and Run Drivers Flee the Scene?"

Making Marriage a Success:

Quoted in MAKING MARRIAGE A SUCCESS: Pearls of Wisdom from Experts Across the Nation Paperback – October 15, 2011

Books in the works:

"Postpartum Depression" for Adoptive Parents: The Disillusionment of Adoption and a Path to Normalcy by Nicole Story, EdS MED LMFT LMHC

Testimonial - 2 patients thriving in long term trauma and attachment focused therapy with in intern under my clinical supervision.

Interview on ADHD and Children on pages 38-39

March, 2018 - An interview with Harbour Life on Oceanside Family Therapy & Assessments and Max Hunter Story, PA - Consumer Justice Law Firm

Sexting - How to Protect Your Child:

A Brochure to Assist Duval Co. Public Middle Schools and Youth Agencies on Safe Internet and Phone Use, by Nicole Story, EdS, MED, LMFT, LMHC September, 2015

Interview on How to Handle Panic Attacks in the Workplace:

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