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In Office Sessions

Our practice is located at 328 2nd Ave N, 

Jacksonville Beach in a 1940's beach cottage shared with Story Griffin Consumer Justice Law Firm.

We no longer accept insurance at this practice and are therefore not bound by contract restrictions and unnecessary breaches of confidentiality.


The following clinical services are available via Telehealth and in office, when available. 

Due to high demand rates in office are higher than Telehealth, see rates below. 

Child Counseling

Child Therapy

Serving infants through adolescents, infant mental health, child and play therapy, and teens.

Over 20 years experience with children.

Shaved Head

Adult Therapy

Individual therapy sessions for personal, clinical and relational issues.

May be tailored for frequency and duration to meet the clients' needs.

Interracial Couple

Family/Relationship Therapy

Also licensed in Marriage and Family Therapy, specifically trained to deal with interrelational issues in addition to interpersonal ones.